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Fitness / Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Complete Muscle Building System

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If youve been around Diesel for a few years, you know we incorporate a TON of grip training exercises into our programs. It is not enough to be able to display one facet of grip (crush, pinch, support, wrist postures, hand health, dexterity), you must be able to integrate this strength into full body power.

If I can improve my grip my deadlift, squat and bench will go up and I will play my respective sport(s) better and stronger. Most lifters / athletes forgot about this important fact. They do train their arms, but with conventional exercises.

You dont want to spend endless hours in the gym hitting tons of volume. You want to optimize your time in the gym and do the most effective exercises while youre there. This is called training economy. Increase the intensity and you can decrease the time of your workout.

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Complete Muscle Building System

Innovative Strength Training

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