Working out with cancer

Fitness / Thursday, December 7th, 2017

It might seem like a smart choice to not do any physical activity when you’re sick but this is not the case. Doctors used to tell patients to reduce their physical activity all the time but actually exercise can improve your well being. If movement causes pain, increases your heart rate drastically or shortness of breath – don’t exercise!

However if you don’t have any of those symptoms, not working out can lead to loss of body function and actually make you wear. Heres how exercising while going through cancer treatment can help you. Exercise can improve your balance which will reduce the risk of broken bones. Working out prevents muscles from wasting away too. This can happen because you’re not as activity and you’re even more weak due to therapy.

Working out can also prevent nausea and lower the risk of being anxious and depressed too. Cancer treatment can really take its toll on you and reduce the chances of you wanting to attend social events. However if you’re staying active and continue going to the gym you will have a reason to go out. This can improve your self esteem and help improve your quality of life too.

There are still a lot of research to be done on wether or not exerfcise and phsycical activity can boost or affect your recovery from cancer / the effect they have on your immune system. However regular exercise has been found to benefit those with cancer. Remember your exercise program should be tailored to you and you should make sure the exercises you do are safe. Don’t work out as hard as you did before you had cancer, calm things down and go at a lower pace. The goal is to stay as active as possible, you’re not looking to get ripped.

You should keep your cancer team informed on your physical activity and your training regime throughout your treatment too.

After treatment

There are loads of side effects for a few weeks after treatment ends but some can last longer. So keep that in mind. Start slowly and work your way up.

When you are living disease-free or with stable disease, physical activity is really important to your overall health and quality of life. Physical activity during this time could help you live longer and there is strong evidence that working out and eating healthy can reduce a second cancer.

If you’ve got cancer consider looking at a specialist clinic like The Loc. There is also plenty of personal trainers out there who have experience in training clients who are undergoing chemo therapy. You should consider looking into hiring one of them.


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