Coping with advanced Cancer

Health / Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Advanced cancer usually means cancer that can’t be cured. Your doctor might suggest different things that can slow the growth of the cancer down or maybe relieve symptoms.  This time period will most likely be an extremely uncertain and anxious time for you. You might find it impossible to think or do anything because of your diagnosis.

Some people say a diagnosis of advanced cancer helps them appreciate everyday things much and I guess this is how you’ll feel once you come to terms with your diagnosis. Your future plans are most likely going to change but you don’t need to abandon them all.

Your feelings

Finding out that you have advanced cancer can be devastating. You’ll most likely feel devastated, worried, sad and perhaps shocked once you’ve been told. You’ll feel a wide range of emotions which would include anger, fear and sadness too. You’ll need to try put your thoughts in order before you talk to anyone else. However don’t keep everything to yourself. Talk through things with your partner or a loved one. This will most likely be extremely difficult.  Just do what feels right for you.

Some common questions people ask themselves are “Could i of prevented this?” or “why do I have cancer”. Lots of people blame themselves and for what? We don’t know why cancer happens – if we did we could try prevent it but unfortunately thats not the case yet. We just need to try cope with things the best we can. Fortunately there are many methods and treatments out there that can reduce and slow down cancer or make your life a bit more comfortable.

There are lots of places you can go to get support, both emotionally and practically. You’ve got the hospital, GP surgery, charities, online forums and local support groups.

Why don’t you check out Cancer Research and find some extra support online?

Coping with everyday life

Every day life shouldn’t change for you just because you’ve got cancer. It might take some adjusting but you should still be able to get about as much as you normally can. You can talk to a symptom control nurse who can help you keep your normal day to day life.

You can also talk to a specialist nurse who can help you cope with your symptoms too.

If you’re struggling with the emotional side of having cancer you might find it useful to speak to a counsellor.

Coping financially

You might find your bills are increasing because you have to find transport to the hospital or need more holidays or perhaps just need to buy different things to get by. You’ll probably find you pay more for heating now too. There are grants available to help you so it might be worthwhile talking to a social worker.

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