BICEP Training for Mass – Killer Workout for Bigger Arms

Fitness / Monday, December 25th, 2017

Killer Bicep Workout – 4 Of The Best Muscle Building Exercises That You Can Do To Build Mass In The Biceps.

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Everyone admires big muscular arms…

– When a man sees another guy who’s well built with big biceps he associates him with having strength and respect.

– Women are naturally attracted to men who are athletic and muscular. This triggers her natural instinct that the man can provide for her and would make a good lover.

– And children feel safe when held in their father’s strong arms.

Let’s face it… everyone loves big arms and muscular biceps!

In this bicep workout we’re going to perform 4 exercises that will stimulate maximum muscle growth.

The first exercise is the Nautilus Bicep Curl Machine…

Start off light and do as many progressively heavier warm up sets as you feel you need to work up to your top heavy working weight.

Once you’re at your top working weight, do 2-3 heavy sets, taking each one to momentary muscular failure. And if you’re more advanced and want to push yourself beyond failure, you can continue on with single arms curls afterwards.

The second exercise is Unilateral Bicep Curl Machine…

This is a good isolation movement for the biceps. It’s similar to an incline bench dumbbell curl. You can safely push yourself to failure and beyond with machine exercises like this. Start off using good form and try to avoid swinging and using momentum to get the weight up. Once you hit momentary muscular failure you can continue on with partial reps and/or single arm curls if you like to stimulate maximum muscle growth in the biceps.

The third exercise is Standing Barbell Curls…

I’m saving this one for later in the workout after the biceps have already been pumped and pre-exhuasted from the machine isolation moves. This will ensure that the biceps get worked to the max, even if you do use some swinging and cheating as you perform the barbell curls.

The final exercise is Dumbbell Hammer Curls…

This movement will work the brachialis muscle, which sits under your biceps. And the brachioradialisis which runs along the top of the forearms. Including hammer curls with your bicep training will help add another dimension of muscular development to your arms.

Start off with as many strict reps as you can perform, then if you like you can loosen up your form and use some cheating and momentum to complete a few extra reps to pump more blood into the arms and keep the muscles under tension for longer periods of time.

Full Bicep Training Workout:
Nautilus Bicep Curl Machine – 3 sets of 10+ reps

Unilateral Bicep Curl Machine – 3 sets of 10+ reps

Standing Barbell Curls – 3 sets of 10+ reps

Dumbbell Hammer Curls – 3 sets of 10+ reps

If you would like more advanced bicep training techniques, then I recommend that you visit my website for a complete mass building arm specialization training system.


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