How To Build BIGGER ARMS… Natural Bodybuilding Prep Series – Best Bicep Exercises

Fitness / Saturday, January 6th, 2018

In today’s episode on the Natural Bodybuilding Prep Series, Luke meets up with Big Mike to discuss, demonstrate and perform the most beneficial bicep exercises to get bigger arms.

Michael looks at the biceps, specifically the bicep brachii (long head and short) and the brachialis. He goes through the anatomy of the biceps and how to effectively work them.

How to build bigger arms has 6,640,000 results on YouTube alone. Michael will break down the best exercises for biceps and not only how you can grow the biceps but also how you can ensure that with correct form you are also minimising the risk of issues around your elbow in the long run.

Try these exercises in your next arm workout 😂

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Luke is being coached by Eric Helms of 3DMJ and working with Michael Goulden for his injury prevention and mechanics when lifting.

Luke will be competing in his Natural Bodybuilding Show on September the 30th 2017.


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