BACK and BICEP Workout YOU Can Do at Home

Fitness / Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Buenos Dias!

Day 9 | Snow Day | Home Workout

Exercise: 4 Sets
Rows w/ a Band – 20 Reps

Exercise: 4 Sets
Pull-downs w/ a Band – 20 Reps

Exercise: 4 Sets
Dumb bell Curls (You can also do this w/ a band) – 10 Reps Each Arm

Exercise: 4 Sets
Push-ups – 10 Reps

Enjoy Your Workout!

The Things I Use:



Amino Acids:

Ankle Strap For Cable Exercises:

Clamps For Barbell Exercises:

Barbell Pad:

Mini Bands I Use:

Long Resistance Bands:



Stabilized Gimbal:

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