Right way to barbell curl

Fitness / Friday, January 12th, 2018

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What is the right way to barbell curl, this is a confusing subject with many answers. I try to answer and simplify it for you.

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Tarun Gill is India’s most powerful fitness influencer with a strong and effective social media presence. His honesty and uncanny knack of speaking his mind has got him over 400,000 YouTube subscribers in just nine months. Tarun is the classic Indian example of how one can make a successful career simply by being honest and transparent on social media.

He is a Founder of India’s biggest fitness TV reality show, Fitness League of India, handpicking talented, fit Indians across the country and promoting them both digitally and on television.

He is also a creator of successful YouTube fitness channel, co-owner of a food supplement company, founder of TG Connect, an event based platform to recognize underprivileged and needy athletes


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