Full Upper Body Workout| ABS

Fitness / Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Hey Beautiful People:

The Basics:
• All my 4 week and 8 week workout guides and programs can be found at www.hannahbower2.com

• The supplements I take are from @tryabouttime
o My discount code is “Hannah”- I use the aux pre workout and L-glutamine
• Many of my meals come from @bitemeals-
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Resistance bands: discount code: Hannah

What I’m Wearing:
• Top:
• Bottoms:

Warm up:
25 mini band circles all directons
1. Circles
2. Abudctions – horizontal and above head

3×12-15 reps each
A1. Decline delt raises –regular grip
A2. Incline delt raise – Hammer grip

3×12-15 reps each
B1. Decline delt raises- hammer grip
B2. Incline delt raise- regular grip

3×12-15 reps
C1. Decline Bicep curls-Alternating grip
C2. Decline resistance band lifts
C3. Incline bicep curls- alternating grip
C4. Incline bicep curls- resistance band

3×30 seconds each
D1. Pulse pulls
D2. Tricep extension

Delt raise circuit-1x through
E1. 10 alternating delt lifts
E2. 5-10 isolation lateral lifts
E3. 10 side delt raises
E4. 15 resistane band face pulls
E5. 15 scapular pushups

Ab Circuit: 10-15 reps each way
F1. Up and overs on bench
F2. Side to side single leg over bench
F3. Side to side both legs over bench
F4. Plank series
F5. Resistance band plank series

Song : My All by JunkieMunkie and @Reallyxzavian


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