TONE & Sculpt your ARMS!

Fitness / Sunday, January 14th, 2018


So thankful you all love me for my messy buns and bum life! haha I hope you enjoy this upper body session. Workout Details are below!

Warm up:
Walk 4 min on treadmill

5 sprints for 30 seconds as fast as you can go!
Your rest is dependent on your conditioning level. 1 min-2min is a good example of rest time.

Upper Body Warm-up:
-15 Foam rollers with shoulder retraction
-2 min of Spider Crawl

Upper Body Workout:
-1st Circuit with Resistance Band
10 reps each exercise no break!
1. Supine Delt Lift
2. Around The Worlds
3. Bent Arm Delt Abductions
4. Supine Abductions
Repeat 2x

Right into Puppet Series
5 reps each arm each exercise!
1. Bent over lateral triceps extension
2. Bent over bent arm delt raise
3. Alternating front and lateral delt raise with isolation hold in both front and lateral position!
Small 30 second break and then right into:

2nd Circuit with mini resistance band
10 reps each exercise
1. Front to Lateral delt raise- mini circle
2. Lateral biceps curl
3. Arnold Press
4. Bent over supine row

With little to no rest go into Bench triceps pushups-1×25 reps

And finish with scapular pull-ups.
1. Regular pull ups
2. Forward cirlces
3. Back ward circles
2×25 reps


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