4 Exercises for Bigger Triceps (DUMBBELLS ONLY!)


For more tips and tricks to building your dream body use my free fitness tool – The 4 Exercises: 1) Seated Overhead Triceps Extension – the most important focus is to keep your elbows tucked in with the weight going back behind your body. 2) Seated Dumbbell Kickback – drop your weight and use a […]

January 13, 2018

Y3T Bicep Tricep Workout | Steve Cook


Bicep Tricep Workout | Steve Cook Hey guys its Steve Cook here. Today we are going to going over a Y3T week 3 Arms workout. The pump you’ll experience is crazy!! This workout – bicep curls, bicep curls cable, tricep extensions cable, tricep extensions w/dumbell. The goal of this workout is to get a get […]

December 8, 2017