Bicep Workout – Includes Bonus Tutorial


Skip Tutorial Click Link – Don’t have an 45 minutes or more to get a good upper body workout. This routine will get you what you need to keep building and get on the go. *Information for review purposes only. Always consult your medical physician for the best course of action. source

December 17, 2017

PREACHER CURLS लगाते हुए सावधान रहे इन 5 गलतियों से !


5 common/silly mistakes people do while PREACHER CURLS exercise due to which they have no bicep peak development. Check the complete information to fix those issues for better strength and muscle growth and a bigger biceps. ✸UPPER BODY WARM UP: ✸LOWER BODY WARM UP: ====================================================== You know the Social media drill friends: LIKE | COMMENT […]

December 12, 2017

Bicep Training Tips: The Best Bicep Exercises For Mass


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December 8, 2017