Raw Pull Day Workout|Bodybuilding|Back and Biceps


Quick Update and Back and Bicep(Pull Day Workout) Super quick video to show you how I train back and biceps. For those who want to get a glance at how I train! Remember I train not just work out some of you just need to learn to workout first. Workout 1:20 Please Like Comment Share […]

January 14, 2018

Killer Mass Building Bicep Workout


Get ripped abs fast: In today’s video, we are going to do a killer bicep workout. This will help you put on some solid size to your biceps. Follow along and get one step closer to the ripped body of your dreams. Workout breakdown: 3 Exercises/ 5 Sets / 8-12 Reps **make sure you watch […]

December 24, 2017



Thank you guys so much for all the support we received on the last video and hope this channel can shoot up and become something bigger in the near future, A lot of you guys asked for a bicep workout video so we never disappoint bringing you a 15 plus minute video showing you how […]

December 7, 2017