Bicep triceps workout for bigger arms (hindi/punjabi)


Sharing with you guys my arms workout Breakdown of today’s workout Barbell curls 2*8-12(warmup) 3*2-12 working set Dumbbell curls 3*8-12 Preacher curls 3-8-12 Skull crushers 4*8-12 Tricep pushdown 4*8-12 Incline tricep extension 4*8-12 Incline treadmill walk – 12 incline 3 mph speed 30 mins Machine Ab crunches 3*10-12 For more great stuff please subscribe to […]

January 1, 2018

3 ADVANCED SUPERSETS For Bigger Biceps & Wider Back


Go here for a complete weight gain plan: Today you’ll see how to get more out of your back and biceps workout by using these advanced supersets. These workout tips will help you get that v-taper physique, a wider back, and bigger biceps. These are tips I’ve learned from elite bodybuilders over the past couple […]

December 28, 2017

Home Back and Bicep Workout – Supersets


Home Back and Bicep Workout – Using supersets to gain more muscle. Get my Nutrition Planner – All you need for this home back and bicep workout is a dip station and weight bands. If you don’t have a dip station but you have a pullup bar use the pullup bar and do wide grip […]

December 26, 2017